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Sorry, Munoz.

17 May 2008

Something about birthdays makes you wax philosophical about life. Something about an upcoming move makes you see your old haunts in a new light.

Something about driving in Boston makes you homicidal.

I turned 28 this week, and 48 hours later got into my very first car accident. I’ve been driving since I was sixteen, and although I’ve never owned a car, I’ve done seven years of driving in CrazyTown (courtesy of Zipcar) without mishap. But on Thursday, I had to drive to Worcester to attend the Mass Fall Prevention Coaliton’s statewide symposium. I took the Pike out there, but on the return trip in the afternoon, I thought to myself, “I’m not in any hurry! I should take some back roads and see some more of this fine state I’m abandoning shortly!”

Well, I didn’t end up being too impressed, and really, all I can recall now is thinking that I was going to end up rear-ending someone because of the traffic and the typical Masshole driving I encountered on these actually-not-so-back roads. It proved all too ironic that I was so worried about it, because five minutes from home, a local MD driving a Porsche Cayenne dialed his cell phone while in the midst of a very busy intersection and gave little red Matrix Munoz a nice hard smack on the ass.

Not much damage to the car, and I only have mild whiplash-type achyness today, but what a pain. Since I didn’t own the car and had never been in an accident before, I really had no idea what the procedure was. Apparently the procedure is a lot of effing paperwork. And a little mild hysteria once the other driver left and the Zipcar person asked me five times, “Are you sure you’re okay? You don’t sound so okay.”  Yeahh… I guess you’re never too old to have a wee freak-out.

I’ve been thinking for a while about what things I’m not going to miss about this town, and to be honest, most of them involve the Green Line, but right up there is going to be the way Boston drives. Because it wasn’t the extra second the MD took to dial his phone that truly caused the accident — it was the asshole two cars ahead who led all of us into this crazy intersection and then attempted to make a ridiculous (and very illegal) 160-degree left turn.


Friends in CT

4 April 2008

So I was lucky enough to get a nice flame comment on my blog… which is pretty funny, considering it’s, well, my blog. Where I don’t have to respond or even post their comment. But in the interests of education and good will, why the hell not?

The comment was on this post from January, about my experience visiting the nursing school at Yale. The most important thing to note, which my dear flame-thrower did not, was that nowhere in my blog did I say that I felt unsafe in New Haven. The whole point of my post was that I was TOLD that I should feel unsafe there by Yale-affiliated-folk. The staff and students I met were clear: No walking around the nursing school, call for the shuttle if you’re going anywhere after dark, etc.  And what about my good friend in New Haven, who for eight years lived in one of the less-gentrified areas of Cambridge (where, I clearly recall, he had no problem letting me wander around intoxicated at night)? Well, he DROVE me to YSN and back and asked me to take a cab the two blocks to the train station. 

Those were the things that gave me pause, dear readers.

I am perfectly willing to consider that this may be alarmist behavior on behalf of Yale and/or the individuals I met and not a real reflection of the state of New Haven affairs, but I think it’s totally reasonable that I was a little, um, disconcerted.  I’ve felt comfortable being on my own in major metropolitan areas since I was a teenager — to be told by adult men that they don’t walk around at night alone in a place I might live was a bit hard to swallow.  And then discovering that the going rents in New Haven were more than I’m paying to live in a very safe and walkable/T-accessible area in Boston — well, the whole thing was a bit surreal.

That said, I’m not a hater. I’m excited to move there and am looking for apartments. I’ve been back for a visit, had some apizza, drove and walked around some parts of town. So simmer down, flamer. But I’ll reply to the best bits of the comment because it was so random, and delayed, and hell, the blog’s been pretty slow….

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21 March 2008

One of the ED RN’s told me tonight that she always thought I was one of the medical residents. Specifically, one of the Pedi residents, for some reason. She said “Maybe it’s because you just LOOK so smart or something, but if you’d asked me to medicate some kid, I’d have done it.” Ha. Must be what my mother always called “natural authority.”

Add that to the offer of “starring in the movies” I got from one of the ETOH pts a little later (due to my ravishing beauty, of course) and it’s been a pretty weird evening for the ego. Although later he loudly and repeatedly announced his desire for STD testing, so I’ll think I’ll take a pass on whatever kind of movie’s he’s involved with.

Other than that, there’s not much going on over here. Working a lot, sleeping not so much. Trying to figure out how much I’m willing to pay for rent in New Haven and whether I really need to round up a car. Boring stuff like that.

But I’ve been staying awake on the slow overnights reading NewFNP’s blog — although I doubt my practice in gerontology will ever end up quite as interesting (or as hilarious) as hers, it does keep me excited about my future as a nurse. Five months and counting!


Best wishes from Boston…

9 February 2008

Got in tonight and went straight to the 24-hour coffee stand in the middle of the hospital. They have two roped-off lines set up all the time, because the place is mobbed most of the day. Usually there isn’t a line in the wee hours, but there were two residents in front of me, so I waited at the beginning of the roped-off area where all good hospital employees line up like little ducks for their doses of caffeine.  

The docs took a while placing their order, so it had been three or four minutes of just standing there when some random guy walked right past me and up behind the residents. I waited for a minute or two to see if maybe he just was looking at the lovely assortment of pastries and would then, as protocol dictates, return to the line. But he continued to hover behind them, so when the residents walked away and the cashier said “Next?” I stepped forward and said, very politely, mind you, “I was waiting in line.”

He stepped aside and said, “Well, of course, your life is much more important than mine.”

I didn’t respond, unsure whether he was being sarcastic, overly deferential, or what. Didn’t really matter. He merely was new to the laws of our coffee-hut and needed a quick primer. And besides, I was already on the clock.

What I didn’t expect was his comment after I recieved my large ice tea w/lemon and sugar.

“I hope you get a case of the runs.”

 Classy, huh? What a way to start off the night.


Or… Saturday…

26 January 2008

Worked the overnight, had breakfast with a friend, went to the orthodontist, ran some errands, got home at noon ready to get eight hours rest. Woke up at 1530, checked the mail (still nothing from BC, christ)… and was completely incapable of getting back to sleep. How lame is that? Ugh, so tired.

So I’m going to get through tonight’s shift only through the grace of several stimulant-containing beverages and whatever hijinks the Friday night ED crowd brings in. It ain’t been too pretty so far…