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The more things change…

6 June 2009

the more I realize I haven’t.

I have neglected this blog. Although I did write some this year, I never posted.  I *should* say because school was so intense and I felt terribly crunched for time, studying, working, class, clinical… but that’s pretty far from it. It was more that I was only rarely inspired to write, and the few things that got me upset, or riled up, thinking non-stop — well, they often were either 1) quickly resolved through great conversations with new nursing school chums or 2) fundamentally rooted in my own personal conflict and not great blog-fodder. Yeah, things really haven’t changed.

Well, maybe a couple things have. I value sleep *way* more than I did as undergraduate. And I’m getting much better grades.

But in bullet form: Med-Surg was sheer chaos. Pharm, mere memorization. Anatomy gruesome, but great. Psych, a personal triumph. Peds, just boring — Med-Surg Jr.  Made $25 and a fool of myself in Issues in Nursing.  And Maternal-Newborn is proving to be my second calling.

Come July, Community Health will take me back to Boston… and then the nursing gods will give us five, all too short, weeks of respite.

The year has flown by. To think that it’s been almost a year since I left Boston is… impossible.

It’s been hard work, frustrating and tedious at times, often wonderfully rewarding and exceedingly boring in the same two hours. It has been less rigorous than I expected, the teaching far more inconsistent, the classmates more exceptional, the debates more emotional, the experiences… honestly, more mundane.

But I am still very glad to be here.