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21 March 2008

One of the ED RN’s told me tonight that she always thought I was one of the medical residents. Specifically, one of the Pedi residents, for some reason. She said “Maybe it’s because you just LOOK so smart or something, but if you’d asked me to medicate some kid, I’d have done it.” Ha. Must be what my mother always called “natural authority.”

Add that to the offer of “starring in the movies” I got from one of the ETOH pts a little later (due to my ravishing beauty, of course) and it’s been a pretty weird evening for the ego. Although later he loudly and repeatedly announced his desire for STD testing, so I’ll think I’ll take a pass on whatever kind of movie’s he’s involved with.

Other than that, there’s not much going on over here. Working a lot, sleeping not so much. Trying to figure out how much I’m willing to pay for rent in New Haven and whether I really need to round up a car. Boring stuff like that.

But I’ve been staying awake on the slow overnights reading NewFNP’s blog — although I doubt my practice in gerontology will ever end up quite as interesting (or as hilarious) as hers, it does keep me excited about my future as a nurse. Five months and counting!


Mood swings

4 March 2008

Hi Patrick,
Thank you for the offer, but yes, I am declining UW’s offer for admission to the MEPN program. I will be attending Yale University this fall. Thank you for all your patience and help throughout this process. It has been an honor to be considered for UW’s prestigious program.

Sigh. After a day of terror and tears trying to figure out exactly how I am going to come up with an additional 30,000 dollars (on top of 28K in federal loans) to cover my first year at Yale, and simultaneously still manage to pay off a significant amount of credit card debt, AND manage to pay the $2,000 I owe on this year’s taxes and the $600 to Yale to hold my place — I had a voicemail last night from Patrick at UW which I knew could only mean one thing.

I have somewhat mixed feelings, but it’s clear now that if I can barely afford to move to and live in New Haven, Seattle would be a bit of a stretch. All the YSN GEPNs are freaking out about having to take out nearly 60,000 in loans, just for the first year. Emesis indeed. I was a total basket case yesterday.

But I got a personal loan this morning so I at least know that I will have no more revolving credit card worries and that the monthly payment on that loan should be manageable while I’m in school as long as I budget well and get a cheap apartment. Which I am committed to doing.

So there! Take that, evil nursing school and associated debts! I shall make you my bitch!

And I just made some tasty banana muffins. Today is going much better, thank you.