And the winner is…

19 February 2008

YSN ArmsWell, I dropped the class, making Yale my de facto choice. Realized that tonight was the add/drop deadline to get half of my money back from Harvard… and decided that I need the $350 more than I need the remote possibility of going to UW. Because even if I get in off the waitlist, I’m ambivalent about going there, and most likely, I would have to send six hundred nonrefundable clams to Yale before UW has any news. So I’m done. It’s not worth the money to stay on their list when I know that I liked Yale, was impressed with their faculty, program, and students, and I’m confident I’ll be happy there.

Now what I’m going to do all night at work without assigned reading, I don’t know… 

You know what else is kinda funny? When I was in elementary school, I had a blue Yale sweatshirt that I wore all the time. I have no idea where it came from, I’ll have to ask my mother if she remembers it. I know we didn’t know any Yalies. And I also recall owning one other piece of collegiate apparel – a cheap Harvard T-shirt. I guess someone must’ve given them to me, or maybe I asked for them since my brother was always getting Michigan stuff and for some reason I decided to align with the Ivies. I remember wearing those shirts all the time and telling amused aunts and uncles that I was going to go to one of them… Funny that I didn’t apply to either as an undergrad but will end up with an affiliation to both after all.



  1. I sooo have an old Yale sweatshirt too! =D Can’t wait to see ya in the fall! 🙂

  2. Congrats on your decision! I think you’ll love Yale…. Good luck!

  3. Hey, congrats on the decision! Must be a giant weight off of your shoulders.

    I had a Harvard sweatshirt as a kid…but I don’t think my single class at HES really counts as an affiliation…sigh…

  4. You know, I wouldn’t naturally claim HES as a Harvard “affiliation” myself, but I realized that since I did take six courses there, I will be requesting Harvard transcripts for the rest of my (however brief) academic life.

    And I can’t forget that they did give me a $4000 head start on my graduate school debt. Thanks, guys!

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