Skulls & Bones

14 February 2008

For those of you who hadn’t yet heard, I did get into Yale. The letters haven’t yet arrived, but the Admissions Director, saint that she is, called me personally on Friday with the news because of my add/drop deadline.  I had originally asked her if she would know before the 10th, with the idea that I would call Yale on Friday and ask, but once UW let up with the orgo nonsense and she said Yale would accept the class, I figured I was in no hurry to drop and could just wait and find out with the rest of the class.

So it was a very nice surprise that she remembered my situation and went out of her way to look up my phone number and call. Twice, in fact, before she reached me. So kudos again to Yale for treating their students like actual people and being pretty damn awesome.

But she asked me not to tell anyone, so a blog announcement was no-go until she sent out all the congratulatory emails yesterday. So now it’s official, but since I haven’t received the letter or the financial aid info yet, I won’t be making any final decisions for a while. 

In other news, my anatomy class is dragging along with nothing interesting learned thus far except the fact that my fellow students aren’t smart enough to realize that a cultural anthropologist giving a painfully cursory overview of the central nervous system is not going to be able to answer pedantic little pathophysiology questions about something you read in NEJM. The poor woman hasn’t been asked a single question within her scope of knowledge so far this semester.

But I digress. What I was getting at is that I’ve been pretty bored and feel like I’m still not learning any actual anatomy, so instead I’ve been watching a 15-hour human anatomy dvd set  that is just, well, unbelievably cool.

One thing I learned from Dr. Acland’s dvd came just in time for Valentine’s, so I’ll share. The human heart is, well, “laid down on its back” from what we usually imagine: the atria aren’t above the ventricles like they teach you in school — they’re behind them. Happy Heart Day!



  1. CONGRATS on Yale! That’s great news!!! When do you have to make your decision?

  2. Aww, thanks! Well, Yale’s decision deadline is March 14th. BC’s is Feb 25. UW’s is March 25. I emailed UW today to make sure that the AOANP person hadn’t already confirmed her spot, and the guy said he didn’t expect a response before the deadline. So I guess what I’ll probably do is pay my deposit to Yale and just plan on that until UW’s all said and done. The tough part is that the practical choice probably just is to go to BC — but I’m honestly just not always a practical person!

  3. Congrats! Hopefully the finances will swing your way and make your decision an easy one.

    And whyyyy is a cultural anthropologist teaching human anatomy? Isn’t this an HES course? And aren’t those supposed to be quality offerings?

  4. She’s teaching it as an ‘evolutionary’ anatomy course — it’s functional anatomy and biomechanics, very light on actual descriptive anatomy. She’s in the biological anthro dept, and I’m sure she knows her classical anatomy well enough, but the course is not going to teach it. This is my first HES class that didn’t really do what I had hoped, but I’m not that surprised. I think that they are reluctant to teach a straight-up descriptive Human Anatomy course, and thought that this class would be enough to help the pre-health kids, but I’m skeptical. I think people want a real A to go with the year long P course, but this course seems very similar to the comparative vertebrate anatomy course I took there two years ago… only with no fish skeletons.

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