Best wishes from Boston…

9 February 2008

Got in tonight and went straight to the 24-hour coffee stand in the middle of the hospital. They have two roped-off lines set up all the time, because the place is mobbed most of the day. Usually there isn’t a line in the wee hours, but there were two residents in front of me, so I waited at the beginning of the roped-off area where all good hospital employees line up like little ducks for their doses of caffeine.  

The docs took a while placing their order, so it had been three or four minutes of just standing there when some random guy walked right past me and up behind the residents. I waited for a minute or two to see if maybe he just was looking at the lovely assortment of pastries and would then, as protocol dictates, return to the line. But he continued to hover behind them, so when the residents walked away and the cashier said “Next?” I stepped forward and said, very politely, mind you, “I was waiting in line.”

He stepped aside and said, “Well, of course, your life is much more important than mine.”

I didn’t respond, unsure whether he was being sarcastic, overly deferential, or what. Didn’t really matter. He merely was new to the laws of our coffee-hut and needed a quick primer. And besides, I was already on the clock.

What I didn’t expect was his comment after I recieved my large ice tea w/lemon and sugar.

“I hope you get a case of the runs.”

 Classy, huh? What a way to start off the night.


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