Orgo no more.

5 February 2008

So I petitioned UW and they have agreed to accept my chemistry minor/course rigor/lab experience instead of forcing me to retake organic chemistry to raise my B- to a B. Huzzah.

The upshot of all of this is that I can stay in the running at UW without the agony of orgo and dropping an extra $1400. I’ll take Human Anatomy this semester which will do double duty as my last UW prereq *and* as a means of waiving the Anatomy course at Yale. Best possible scenario, considering. So for now… I shall be patient and see what shakes out between Yale and the UW waitlist.

And I’ll try not to get a B- in Anatomy.



  1. A school that doesn’t accept a perfectly reasonable petition like yours is probably not a school that you want to attend anyway, so I’m glad it turned out in your favor. Maybe UW’s #1 will decide s/he’d rather go to Yale…

    Your interview experience sounds oddly like mine. Grad school A had a day and a half of interviews, meet-n-greets, library tours, etc. arranged; grad school B had…two short interviews, and I had to ask someone where the library was so I could check it out for myself! I chose school A, largely on account of the lingering warm fuzzies…only to realize after I enrolled that the red-carpet treatment stopped as soon as I had signed on the dotted line. (Oh, the naivete of youth…wonder if I’d have been happier at school B after all?)

  2. yeah, i don’t expect the warm fuzzies to continue indefinitely. however, the professor who interviewed me was also new to yale this year, and when i told her how nice everyone had been, she claimed that the red-carpet friendliness had been surprisingly constant since she arrived.

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