Aw, come on!

28 January 2008

The Bobs are playing with me. My offer from BC had soothed the general frustration about UW, and I had actually started to feel relief about not having to pay for/take those classes this spring. Decided I would just wait to hear from Yale, and then Bob willing, have the choice between Yale and BC, likely choosing Yale.

Got my letter from UW. Yes, on the waitlist. Yawn, quelle surprise. To justify my preemptive decision to give up on UW, I emailed Patrick and asked what spot I’m holding on the waitlist for AOANP.

I’m first.

Son of a biscuit. 

Anatomy starts at Harvard tomorrow night, but I haven’t even registered. I guess I could start that class and wait on orgo a bit longer… just in case? But, honestly, what are the odds that the person who was offered the sole AOANP spot at the top nursing school in the country is going to turn it down? And whoever they are, they have until the end of March to decide.

If you’re out there, admitted AOANP, please tell me your plans! And anyone else out there, feel free to share your opinions. Cause I have no idea what the hell I’m gonna do now.


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