Praise Bob.

26 January 2008

I received an offer of admission from the Boston College Connell School of Nursing. Woot. They also claim I’m one of their “top applicants” and are thus offering me 9 credits worth of tuition remission, close to $9000 worth. Which is significant — nothing like taking 30% off that first year bill. Although it’s not really clear what the comprehensive fee is, or really how long this program’s supposed to take. The pre-licensure period is only 11 months (eek) and the specialty portion appears to only be two semesters plus a class or two — so the whole thing only takes 2 years as opposed to everyone else’s three?  Total of 70 credits, about 1K a credit. I guess I’m not finding the whole thing very clear from reading online, and they didn’t send me anything but the letter, but now… I probably should try and figure this out, huh?

They also have a very impressive scholarship for geriatric nurses from one of the local LTC/rehab providers out here — $25,000 they pay of your BC tuition for every two years you give them post-grad. I have to figure out if I can apply as a pre-RN.  25k and a guaranteed job in your specialty, not really a bad gig.

BC’s considered to be the best nursing school in the state, probably second only to Yale in all of New England. But I really only applied because 95% of the nurses I’ve worked with here or been seen by clinically went there — if I plan on staying in MA, it seems to be a big network and a major advantage. However, they do have a concentration in palliative care, which I’m very interested in, and if the program really is both shorter and cheaper than Yale, I will seriously consider it.

Overwhelming sigh of relief. I could cry with joy. No matter what else does or doesn’t come through, I will start nursing school this year!

And now, back to sleep — if I can!



  1. Yay! Congratulations on BC – it’s a fantastic school. It sure does feel good to know that wherever we end up, we’ll definitely be starting our nursing careers in just a few months!

  2. Congratulations! I felt so bad when I was cheering and you were still suffering. Now I feel good again. Best of luck!

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