All aboard…

4 January 2008

The slow moving train to nursing school. Ugh. I just want to get this month and all the craziness over and done.  I didn’t get an interview to UCSF, but Teeny covered the subject very well and I really didn’t have much to blog in addition. I got the news after Christmas, when Mark went by to check on the cat before I got home. Cat: fine; UCSF: lame. After keeping up with all the other folks who had gotten rejections, I wasn’t surprised or heartbroken, just mildly annoyed that I now have fewer options than I’d like.

Right now the plan is to go to Seattle next week and Yale on the 22nd, postpone taking Organic/Anatomy at least until I get news from UW, and if possible, until I hear from Yale.  In an unexpected fit of wish-granting, UW 1) decided to add a lunch for interviewees while we’re there and 2) approved my request to take organic chemistry online.  Both very good things. As for the others, I should hear from BC around by the end of the month, no idea about MGH (their deadline isn’t actually until next week.)

I saw Chris last weekend and he spent the better part of a large cookie convincing me how great a place Yale is for graduate school. He was also willing to take me suit-shopping, which was only possible because of a couple guardian angels from Arizona. I got an awesome suit for next to nothing from Ann Taylor Loft.  And it was a pretty good cookie.

No other news, really. Today’s my last day as a research coordinator who does no research. Next week I re-train on admin, and the week after I’ll switch to the night shift.  Thank-effing-god. Getting up at 6 am is really a hardship for me. Yawn…


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