21 December 2007

Alrighty, two for two. Yale invited me for an interview. And it continues to be clear that Yale treats its prospective students pretty darn well – they sent a letter AND an email, offering a full day with orientations, tours, financial aid sessions, and a one-on-one interview with a faculty member in your intended specialty. My interviewer has published four books (one of which won the AJN’s Book of the Year Award) and about a million articles, and developed her own theory of home health nursing. Yipes! Eek! Ack! Gah!

But back to my point — Yale is even offering two potluck suppers with current YSN students during interviews as well as a moderated discussion board w/a current GEPN participating. Talk about rolling out the red carpet. It just goes to show you: top-ranked program or not, Ivy League institutions know how to play the admissions game.

In other news, my suit from 2001 still fits.
Unfortunately, it makes me look like Ellen DeGeneres…


One comment

  1. Damn, they know how to treat their prospective students. ‘Makes those other big-name schools look like big-time jerks! 🙂

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