A million things to do? Sounds good.

18 December 2007

So I gave my notice. This is the first time I’ve quit a job because I had too little to do. Normally you fire people when they don’t do anything for 8 hours and still try to collect a paycheck. Or if they go home in the middle of their shift to have a beer and play Wii. But oh no, not me. I gave my notice and my boss took it personally. Apparently I should be grateful to have a job that lets me sit on my ass all evening and play on the Internet. But I gotta be honest, I’m just not cut out for this kind of work.

It wasn’t always like this. When I first came on, we were crazy busy, running around the ED, enrolling patients for studies, collecting blood samples and prepping them for shipping, talking with staff, doing tons of paperwork. There were a bunch of RAs, and we always had work to do. But that all went out the window when so-and-so bought out so-and-so, and all our studies got put on hold. We let one person go, and I went part-time so that we wouldn’t have to lay off a second. It’s been three months now. We thought we’d have more work come November, November became December, I’ll be amazed if anything gets going before Feb.

So I’m going back to my previous position on the admin staff of the ED. Where the phone never stops ringing, the patients keep complaining, the equipment is always breaking, and best of all, where you know you’ll be shit on by the full complement of staff and street trash.

Can’t wait.


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