The Waiting Game

26 November 2007

So I’m in that holding pattern between submitting applications and interview selection. I applied to UCSF, Yale, the University of Washington, BC, and MGH’s school, the Institute of Health Professions. Most of these schools were chosen based on location, reputation, and how well their prerequisites fit into my transcript. The unfortunate thing about Master’s Entry Programs seems to be that they all are very different — some schools require very few prereqs, others require 10+. It’s a lot of work to get all your courses in line with what they each want, especially if you’re like me and took the courses here and there BEFORE you were sure you wanted to pursue nursing.

I’ve already been contacted by UW and informed that they will not accept my Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy course that I took at Harvard’s Extension School or my B- in organic chemistry from my freshman year at Smith. God forbid, a B minus! So *if* I were to be accepted, I would have to re-take both of those courses before the start of UW classes next June. Although this is doable, I’m not sure I want to spend the next six months retaking orgo and human anatomy, especially if I am accepted to another school that won’t require it. UW seems to be big on making prospective students jump through a lot of hoops — so I’ll be interested to see what they’re really like if I get an interview.


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